Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What it Means to be the Best

After the New England Patriots lost 28-13 to the Baltimore Ravens in the 2013 AFC Championship, Kurt Warner sent this text message to New England quarterback Tom Brady: "Being the best doesn't mean you always win. It just means you win more than anybody else." This quote is cited in a Seth Wickersham article the 5/13/2013 issue of ESPN the Magazine. Wickersham described what that brief message meant to Brady: "It touched Brady not because Warner called him the best. No, it meant a lot because in a bottom-line profession someone recognized the virtue in striving, even if it's a consolation prize."

In sports--and in life--it is not always possible to control outcomes, no matter how dedicated, determined and talented that you are. The challenge and the opportunity is to always do your best; a person who can honestly say that he has fully committed his mind, body and soul to excellence is a champion even on the days when the scoreboard says that he has been vanquished. 

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