Tuesday, January 6, 2009

NFL AP Awards are Puzzling

Three days ago, Indianapolis quarterback Peyton Manning was the landslide winner of the AP's 2008 NFL MVP, receiving 32 of 50 votes cast by a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters. Miami quarterback Chad Pennington and Atlanta running back Michael Turner tied for second place with four votes each; New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees, who nearly broke Dan Marino's 24 year old single season passing yardage record, did not receive any votes. The Colts, Dolphins and Falcons each made the playoffs while the Saints did not, so perhaps that explains the voting. Certainly, under Manning's direction the Colts were the hottest team in the NFL down the stretch, winning their final nine regular season games; their first round playoff loss does not diminish the value of that success and, in any case, that defeat took place after the MVP votes had already been cast.

Today the AP announced the winner of its 2008 NFL Offensive Player of the Year. You would assume that Manning took this honor as well, right? Wrong. Brees received 22 first place votes from a 50 member media panel (I'm not sure if these were the same 50 people who voted for MVP), while Manning and Minnesota running back Adrian Peterson tied for second with nine votes each.

Manning and Brees each had excellent seasons but what possible logical explanation can there be for Manning winning the MVP and Brees winning Offensive Player of the Year, let alone each player winning his award by large margins? Did Manning win the MVP based on his contributions defensively or on special teams? How can Brees be considered the best offensive player in the league but not receive a single MVP vote when seven other offensive players received MVP votes? This just does not make any sense.


madnice said...

Just like the Pro Bowl is announced with 3 games left. How is Cutler a ProBowler and Rivers isnt? How is Favre a Probowler and Pennington isnt? I understand Favre is like Jordan in his aura and that he basically invented football. But Pennington is second in MVP voting. Those last three games changed the fate for all of these teams getting into the playoffs.

The voting for awards and HOF in all sports is so stupid. The Football HOF finalists have been announced. You know the rules. At least 10 should get in who are finalists but wont because only 4 to 7 can get in. Very idiotic. How is Eric Allen who is 6 time all pro, which is more important than the pro bowl, not in? How can you be on the AllDecade Team, which is voted on by the HOF voters, but not be in the HOF? Like a Roger Craig or Russ Grimm. None of it makes sense, David. Now I know you can probably nitpick an have a player like Stabler, who is on the 70 decade team but not in, but it doesnt make sense. Now special teamers I can understand, who usually dont get in anyway. Overall the process is senseless.

madnice said...

Then again Ben Coates and Tony Boscelli arent HOFamers but are on the 90s all decade team. How are they all decade in the 90s? Steve Atwater is not a HOFamer? Its all a joke.

David Friedman said...


I agree with just about everything you said. Your assessment of the flaws in the voting processes for various honors is very apt.