Thursday, October 23, 2008

Favre Not Delivering What Jets Fans Expected

Sports Illustrated's always insightful "Dr. Z" (Paul Zimmerman) offers a harsh but fair description of Brett Favre's impact thus far on the New York Jets. Zimmerman writes, "Favre came with the reputation as strongest arm in the league, a serious long-baller who would turn out the lights with his rockets"--but this season Favre is averaging just 9.9 yards per completion, one of the lowest figures in the league, an output that Zimmerman derides as "a checkdown number, a play-it-safe figure." Zimmerman also points out that the supposedly weak-armed Chad Pennington, who Favre replaced in New York, is averaging nearly two more yards per completion than Favre.

Zimmerman dismisses any criticism of the talent surrounding Favre, correctly noting, "...he's got a big league pair of wideouts in Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery. Rookie Dustin Keller is an athletic tight end drafted for his ability to stretch the field. Leon Washington is a speedy little running back who has broken many long ones in his career."

Despite Favre's conservative approach in terms of stretching the field, he still has thrown eight interceptions, the second highest total in the NFL this year.

The Jets are using the signing of Favre to try to sell prime seats that they describe as "an exclusive experience unlike any other"--and with prices starting at $5000 they certainly should be. Zimmerman says out that Favre will be retired by the time those seats are actually available in 2010 and that is why Zimmerman calls the seat auction "a real deception" and a "heist" while terming the entire Favre experience in New York a "con job."

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