Sunday, March 16, 2008

Five Reasons the NCAA Tournament is Better than the NBA Playoffs

Selection Sunday is here and March Madness will soon be in full effect. Here are five reasons that the NCAA Tournament is better than the NBA playoffs:

1) The unsurpassed drama of the one and done format.

2) "Bracketology" has become a national pastime.

3) Big shots like this one: "There is the happiest man in America!"

4) Big upsets like this one: "A miracle! An absolute miracle!"

5) You may not want to admit that you like this song, but you do: "One Shining Moment, 1987" (the first time the song aired after the NCAA Tournament).

Do you disagree? Post a comment explaining why and be sure to click here and read my "Six Reasons the NBA Playoffs are Better than the NCAA Tournament."

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