Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The General Abandons His Troops in the Middle of the Battle

Bobby Knight is one of the greatest coaches of all-time. He is also a bully and a hypocrite, someone who has long preached self-discipline while refraining from practicing it himself. Knight solemnly said that he was not prolonging his coaching career just to set the all-time wins record but that is about as believable as Roger Clemens asserting that he does not care about the Baseball Hall of Fame. Knight's boorish behavior resulted in him being exiled from Indiana, the site of his greatest triumphs. Texas Tech took him in at a time when his career and reputation were at a low ebb, providing him the opportunity to set a record that he professed not to care about. Now, with that record safely in his rear view mirror, Knight has rewarded that loyalty by abandoning the team in mid-season, essentially forcing the school to give his son the chance to coach a talented squad and thus get the inside track toward succeeding Knight. The title of Pat Forde's article about this situation says it all:

Knight's final act a hypocritical one in a career full of them

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