Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tom Brady: "We're Trying to Kill Teams"

In an interview with WEEI Radio that was replayed on SportsCenter, New England quarterback Tom Brady frankly admitted what many people suspected anyway, namely that the Patriots are trying to blow out their opponents: "We're trying to play extremely well. We're not trying to win 42-28. We're trying to win--we're trying to kill teams, to blow them out if we can. You want to build momentum for each week. You don't want it to be 42-7 or 35-7 and then all of a sudden you look up and it's 35-21."

I realize that some people may have a problem with a philosophy that is so brutally aggressive and others may find it unseemly for Brady to say such things--but football is by nature a brutally aggressive game and there is no provision in the rules for the losing team to just concede defeat. New England's meticulous preparation and aggressive mindset are the reasons that the Patriots are obliterating the NFL record book. Instead of whining about what the Patriots are doing the other teams should be taking notes and fans should admire and respect a level of professionalism and dedication that has not been seen in sports since the Jordan-Pippen Bulls ruled the NBA.

I simply don't understand how fans who complain about overpaid, underachieving athletes can be mad at an organization that stresses playing hard until the final gun goes off. To put it bluntly, which team would you rather watch: the New England Patriots or the Cincinnati Bengals?


Anonymous said...

Excellent! Well said. I agree. The Pats are the greatest football team I have ever seen. Having said that,I hate the stinkin Patriots!

Lets go, Eagles!

Yeah, I feel like a deer in the headlights right about now.. :)

Anonymous said...

I love that Brady and the Pats are pulling no punches.

Anonymous said...

Well said Brady. You think coach Bill Belichick forgot about week 1? Just watch when the patriots face the Jets. You will see what blow out really means.

JF said...

wait till the Pats win the title before comparisons w/ bulls

also, the philosophy could anger opponents & lead to a late hit that hurts a key Pat player. Certainly, any true fan would hope that this injury scenario DOESNT happen. but some critics of the pats may feel that they are increasing the risk

football is unpredictable -- this pats dynasty was born w/ a huge underdog win over rams in super bowl. on a given day, the Colts were 1 or 2 plays from beating the Pats -- WITHOUT the colts' #1 WR, Harrison... Dallas led them in 3rd quater ... on a given sunday, Dallas or GB could beat NE, in theory... and NE must stay healthy to even reach that game

Anonymous said...

basically whats going to happen is the patriots will win out...naturally.. and then the packers will come riding in like brett farve is a mircle old man and just get stomped
super bowl packers 17 patriots 34

David Friedman said...


All of those are excellent points. Certainly, Bill Belichick would be the first to say that the Patriots have not accomplished anything unless/until they win the Super Bowl.

The similarity between the Jordan-Pippen Bulls and this Patriots team is that both squads try to win every play of every game with a ferocity and intensity that even teams that are very good do not maintain.